Funding Sources

Sikamaster has a wide network of partners that guarantee a strong capital-adequacy performance, and a stronger funding position, with in-house funding partners covering the full share of loans, making us less reliant on external funding - fiscally-fit. We do not take and/or accept deposits from clients before lending.

There are no plans to accept deposits in the near or foreseeable future, for reasons not limited to;

• Client control of our growth strategies

• 'Short-termism' of most depositors and/or external investors

• Seeming get-rich quick mindset of most depositors and/or retail investors

• Accountability to diverse depositors and investors

• Attendant operational cost of providing fund management of diverse, mostly unsophisticated risk profiles

• Incompatibility of client deposits and our value-oriented loan portfolio construction strategies

• Ample in-house Capital Buffers

• Our preference for sustainable, reliable, patient, permanent & internal capital over unsustainable & unreliable pressure funds.

• Regulatory Burden - Rising cost of managing external capital or taking deposits

• Maturity intermediation and/or transformation risks (not limited to liquidity/tenure mismatch)

• The quest to build and/or grow a deposit/debt-run-proof independent direct lender

• Our preferred way of treating Non-Performing Loans (NPLs), at variance with that for deposit-taking lenders



If Sikamaster doesn't need deposits to make loans then where does the money come from?

Sikamaster Loans is a special asset class vehicle (global and well-diversified portfolio) of The DCANS Group. We lend our own funds as well as additional solid and reliable funding sources from in-house (sister companies and dedicated funds), giving us the flexibility to advance our objectives without the encumbrances of any external investor or depositor demand. Credit funds are always part of sister and/or group companies. A deliberate funding vehicle to sustain our growth, without ever having to accept and/or rely on client deposits or external investors to lend.

A dedicated group of diverse in-house financial providers (made up of hedge funds, private equity, proprietary shops, etc), including but not limited to;

TDG MTN Yellow Save Cash Holdings (Passive Portfolio)

TDG MTN MOP Holdings (Shareholders' Tier III Allocation)

Other Tier III Shareholder Allocations (16.5% tax-advantaged class only)

TDG Tactical Opportunities Fund (Passive Portfolio)

DCANS Investments

DCANS Capital

DCANS FX Prop Desk

DCANS Property Fund I & III

TDG Specialised Accounts and Funds

C57H (incl Credit Funds, Liquid Alts)


Special Group of 30 Selected In-House Notebuyers

Moneyafrique (Settlement Account)


The DCANS Group Prosperity Fund


Regulatory Compliance


Sikamaster (SML), is a 24/7*365 well-capitalised internet first, forward-thinking, safe, robust, resilient, smart & responsible direct lender for the working class (we don't lend to the unemployed). SML is not; a microfinance institution, and neither a savings & loans company or a Specialised Deposit-taking Institution (SDI) of any form, kind or type. SML does not seek and/or accept outside capital. SML does not charge any upfront fees before lending.

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) does not regulate some forms of no upfront fee non-deposit taking financial services, buy to lets, seller financing, commercial mortgages, secured loans, unsecured loans, earned wage access or workplace loan schemes, buy now pay later products, bridging loans, trusts, overseas mortgages, and conveyancing or debt management.

Our loans are strictly for existing customers of The TDG Ecosystem (including employees of existing business customers of, existing tenants of and all Private-Sector Salaried Workers recruited via TDG Jobs Ghana platform). Our Home Mortgages can only be used to buy from or through DCANS Properties.

All Business Loans have been moved to (a sister company). provides loans to all kinds of businesses, be it large or small and not necessarily startups alone. All Construction Loans have been moved to Build Now Pay Later. All Auto Loans have been moved to Glostar Motors.

All Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Loans (incl interest-free and interest-bearing) have been moved to DCANS Pay (a sister company).

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